Tolerance is their way, as no one judges the gay

After observing earth from afar and learned the most common language English. I came to earth and have traveled many countries, I crossed seas and passed through mountains. Though finally I have stumbled upon a place that interests me in a great deal of ways. A country where  almost nothing is frowned upon ,a country almost everyone has a clear opinion about everything and far more interesting a country that not only tolerates, but accepts things that the rest of the world reject.

When I arrived in this place on an early morning in late April, An overwhelming sensation of color caught my attention, it was everywhere, people were wearing garbs, there were flags and even entire people covered. Everything was covered in orange. Despite the fact that it was early morning the streets were already starting to get rather crowded, filling itself pedestrians in festive orange clothing walking past a long stretch blankets littered with items ranging from antiques to toys.

As I wandered through streets of this place I gave into my hunger so I went looking for food. As all the food places were so crowded and I was rather hungry I looked for an alternative. Then I suddenly walked past a peculiar looking wall with pieces of what seemed like fried meat in it. I picked a thick roll with a crumbly crust, rolled in a coin, pulled the fried roll out of the wall and started devouring the meaty delight. When I put it in my mouth it exploded inside and I literally burnt my tongue as the meaty paste slowly cooled down was washed away with a nice cold drink.

That night I saw something that was forbidden or frowned upon in all previous places I had been, I saw two men holding hands and kissing each other. I looked around to see if nobody was looking, but the people around me seemed not to notice, or not to care about it. It was as if they simply accepted it. Out of curiosity I followed the two to see where they were going. The two men walked into a crowded street with a lot of bars and they walked in to a bar with a large illuminated sign above it  “Taboo Bar”. Then I followed the two inside and ordered a drink. Then I noticed that I hadn’t seen any women which seemed odd for a bar with such pink lights, that made me think this was a bar where men could meet each other. It’s interesting to see such a place amongst so many others

And so the next morning I was having breakfast I saw several people come by on strange vehicles which they seem to power themselves by paddles stuck on the vehicle, the people driving them were paddling hard with their feet to come forward. these vehicles were everywhere, and they were driven by everyone young, old, man, women it did not seem to matter. Rain was pouring from the sky brutally  and there was no cover from the rain in these vehicles. However these people seem to have found a solution for that as some drove the vehicle one-handed as they held a metal stick with a span of fabric stretched the top in a circle like shape in the other hand.

So as I dove into their culture deeper and learnt much about them, it could be concluded that these people were open-minded, good humored and very skillful drivers of this new vehicle I had found. Not a thing was frowned upon as people were very tolerant of almost everything. And as tolerance is their way, no one judges the gay.